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As an independent and pioneering research company of the sector, Strategic Technical Economic Researches Center - STEAM has been organizing conferences in Turkey and abroad, related with the primary agenda items of both national and international business community for almost twenty years with the trade mark “ARENA©”.

So far STEAM has successfully organized over seventy ARENA conferences on Telecommunications, Environment & Climate, Privatizations, Banking, Finance, Capital Markets, Agriculture, Insurance, Ethics, Entrepreneurship and especially on Energy.

Main aim of the conferences which are organized by the researches and analysis of our Advisory Board is; handling the problems, strategies and solution suggestions in a concrete discussion atmosphere, with bringing political authorities, regulatory and supervisory public institutions, top-level executives and managers of the private sector and stakeholders as well as diplomatic and international community.

Furthermore participance of the academicians brings a scientific perspective and increases the objectivity of the atmosphere. STEAM ARENAs are widely covered by local and international media, and the messages delievered at the conferences are publicized extensively.

Executive Business Club closed meetings is another service which brings top-level key decisions makers, key political and executive figures together around special agendas which are prepared by the Advisory Board and realized by the effective organizations of STEAM. These meetings creates a think-tank platform and the evaluations together with the analysis presented as reports.

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