Stratejik Teknik Ekonomik Araştırmalar Merkezi – STEAM


Dear Attendees, Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 19thSTEAM International Conference on Energy 2018
that will take place on 20th and 21st of September in Istanbul. Throughout its 19 years STEAM ARENA has been a distinct ground for collaboration of minds on energy matters that are of interest to us globally and also in our immediate geography. I am very confident this year shall be too.

The theme of our conference for this year is ‘Energy ; Geopolitics, Trends and Challenges’. Energy is key to human development, the need for energy continues to grow and energy security is critical. With that backdrop, while certain developments are taking place that are of global importance and do pose global challenges, we are also observing developments in the geography around us, that will have some great impact to the years that are ahead of us.

The line of speakers, with expertise and wisdom, will help us understand these crucial developments
that are taking place, in some very stimulating sessions to provoke our thoughts.

The topics for the conference will principally be; ‘Global Geopolitical Developments and Impacts on Energy Security’, ‘Energy Security and Investment Climate’, ‘Developments across the borders Syria, Iraq and Iran’, ‘Gas Pipelines through Turkey and Storage Projects’ and last but no least ‘Recent Developments in Eastern Mediterranean’.

As the Chairperson I also would like to thank to members of the Advisory Board, with special thanks
to Ret. Ambassador Mithat Rende and Murat Yazıcı, for their help in shaping up the agenda for the conference. It goes without saying that we owe gratitude to all the sponsors of the conference for their financial support in helping us making the conference happen.

At the end of the conference I do hope that you will regard it as being valuable. I also do hope that you will be able to spare some personal time in exploring our great city of Istanbul, even if it may not be the first time.

I do hope to meet and welcome you to the conference.

Tahir Uysal